Adriane Soehner, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychiatry

3811 O'Hara Street, Room E-1132

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

T:  412-246-5971

F: 412-246-5300

Loeffler Rm 304

T:  412-383-8200

Email: soehneram2@upmc.edu



•    BS, Biological Sciences and Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA), 2008

•     MA, Psychology, University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA), 2010

•     PhD, Clinical Science, University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA), 2014

•     APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology Internship, Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic (Pittsburgh, PA), 2013-2014

•     Postdoctoral Fellowship, Clinical Research Training for Psychologists T32, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), 2014-2016

•     Postdoctoral Fellowship, Translational Research Training in Sleep Medicine T32, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), 2016

Current Research Funding:

•     K01 MH111953: Vulnerability to Bipolar Disorder in Adolescence: Interactions Among Sleep Variability, Familial Risk, and Reward-Control Processes, 2016-2021      https://projectreporter.nih.gov/project_info_description.cfm?aid=9222518&icde=31611794&ddparam=&ddvalue=&ddsub=&cr=1&csb=default&cs=ASC

Selected Publications:


Soehner AM, Goldstein TR, Grazmiller SM, Phillips ML, Franzen PL. Cognitive Control under Stressful Conditions in Transitional Age Youth with Bipolar Disorder: Diagnostic and Sleep-Related Differences in Fronto-Limbic Activation Patterns. Bipolar Disorders. In Press.

Kay DB, Karim HT, Soehner AM, Hasler BP, James JA, Price JC, Germain A, Hall MH, Franzen PL, Price JC, Nofzinger EA, Buysse DJ. Subjective-Objective Sleep Discrepancy is Associated with Alterations in Regional Glucose Metabolism in Patients with Insomnia and Good Sleeper Controls. Sleep. In Press.

Soehner AM, Kaplan KA, Saletin J, Talbot LS, Gruber J, Hairston IS, Eidelman P, Walker MP, Harvey AG. You'll feel better in the morning: Slow wave activity and overnight mood regulation in interepisode bipolar disorder. Psychol Med. In Press. PMCID: In Process.

Treatment of Insomnia in Psychiatric Disorders

*Dong L, *Soehner AM, Belanger L, Morin CM, Harvey AG. Treatment agreement, adherence, and outcome in cognitive behavioral treatments for insomnia. J Consult Clin Psychol. In Press. *co-first authors

Dolsen MR, Soehner AM, Morin CM, Bélanger L, Walker M, Harvey AG. Sleep the Night Before and After a Treatment Session: A Critical Ingredient for Treatment Adherence? J Consult Clin Psychol. 2017 Apr 10. In Press.

Sleep-Circadian Disturbances in Mood Disorders & Related Psychiatric Conditions

Research Interests:

Dr. Soehner investigates the role of sleep in the development of functional brain networks and mood disorders from adolescence into adulthood.  Her research combines neuroimaging during sleep and waking states (fMRI, EEG, PET) with naturalistic assessment and therapeutic manipulation of sleep in youth and young adults.  Her K01 career development award examines relationships between sleep variability and neural networks supporting cognitive control and reward processing in adolescents at-risk for bipolar disorder.

Dolsen MR, Soehner AM, Harvey AG. Pro-inflammatory cytokines, mood, and sleep in interepisode bipolar disorder and insomnia: A pilot study with implications for psychosocial interventions. Psychosomatic Medicine. In Press.

Levenson JC, Soehner A, Rooks B, Goldstein TR, Diler R, Merranko J, Axelson D, Goldstein BI, Brent DA, Hafeman D, Hickey MB, Monk K, Sakolsky D, Kupfer DJ, Birmaher B. Longitudinal sleep phenotypes among offspring of bipolar parents and community controls. J Affect Disord. 2017 Mar 6;215:30-36. In Press.

Kanady JC, Soehner AM, Klein AB, Harvey AG. The association between insomnia-related sleep disruptions and cognitive dysfunction during the inter-episode phase of bipolar disorder. J Psychiatr Res. 2017 May. In Press.