•     BA, Sports Science, Malone College (Canton, Ohio), 2002

•     MS, Exercise Science, University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC), 2005

•     PhD, Exercise Science, University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC), 2011

•     Postdoctoral Fellowship, Translational Research Training in Sleep Medicine T32, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), 2010-2013

Research Interests:

With undergraduate and graduate training in exercise science and postdoctoral training in sleep medicine, Dr. Kline is uniquely positioned to study the bidirectional relationship between physical activity and sleep. His research interests focus on the utility of exercise in the management of sleep disorders, the cardiometabolic consequences of poor sleep, and how exercise may reduce cardiometabolic risk via improvement of sleep quality. Currently, he is supported by a K23 Career Development Award through the NHLBI.

Current Research Funding:

•     K23 HL118318: A novel risk factor for cardiovascular disease: The insomnia-short sleep phenotype, 2014-2018 NIH RePORTER link

Selected Publications (Selected from 24 publications):

1.    Irish LA, Kline CE, Gunn HE, Buysse DJ, Hall MH. The role of sleep hygiene in promoting public health: a review of empirical evidence.

      Sleep Med Rev (in press). PubMed link

2.   Dishman RK, Sui X, Church TS, Kline CE, Youngstedt SD, Blair SN. Decline in cardiorespiratory fitness and odds of incident sleep

      complaints. Med Sci Sports Exerc (in press). PubMed link

3.   Kline CE. The bidirectional relationship between exercise and sleep: implications for exercise adherence and sleep improvement. Am J

      Lifestyle Med 2014;8:375-379. Article link

4.   Buman MP, Phillips B, Youngstedt SD, Kline CE, Hirshkowitz M. Does nighttime exercise really disturb sleep? Results from the 2013

      National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America poll. Sleep Med 2014;15:755-761. PubMed link

5.   Iftikhar I, Kline CE, Youngstedt SD. The effects of exercise training on the severity of sleep apnea: a meta-analysis. Lung

      2014;192:175-184. PubMed link

6.   Irish LA, Kline CE, Rothenberger SD, Krafty RT, Buysse DJ, Gold EB, Bromberger JT, Kravitz HM, Zheng H, Hall MH. A 24-hour    

      approach to the study of health behaviors: temporal relationships between waking health behaviors and sleep. Ann Behav Med.

      2014;47:189-197. PubMed link

7.   Hall M, Middelton K, Thayer JF, Lewis TT, Kline CE, Matthews KA, Kravitz HM, Krafty RT, Buysse DJ. Racial differences in heart rate

      variability during sleep in midlife women: the SWAN Sleep Study. Psychosom Med. 2013;75:783-790. PubMed Central link

8.   Kline CE, Irish LA, Krafty RT, Sternfeld B, Kravitz HM, Buysse DJ, Bromberger JT, Dugan SA, Hall MH. Consistently high

      sports/exercise activity is associated with better sleep quality, continuity and depth in midlife women: the SWAN Sleep Study. Sleep

      2013;36:1279-1288. PubMed Central link

9.   Kline CE, Sui X, Hall MH, Youngstedt SD, Blair SN, Earnest CP, Church TS. Dose-response effects of exercise training on the

      subjective sleep quality of postmenopausal women: exploratory analyses of a randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open 2012;2:e001044.

      PubMed Central link     

10. Kline CE, Crowley EP, Ewing GB, Burch JB, Blair SN, Durstine JL, Davis JM, Youngstedt SD. Blunted heart rate recovery is improved

      following exercise training in overweight adults with obstructive sleep apnea. Int J Cardiol. 2013;167:1610-1615. PubMed Central link

11. Kline CE, Ewing GB, Burch JB, Blair SN, Durstine JL, Davis JM, Youngstedt SD. Exercise training improves selected aspects of

      daytime functioning in adults with obstructive sleep apnea. J Clin Sleep Med. 2012;8:357-365. PubMed Central link

12. Kline CE, Crowley EP, Ewing GB, Blair SN, Durstine JL, Davis JM, Burch JB, Youngstedt SD. The effect of exercise training on

      obstructive sleep apnea and sleep quality: a randomized controlled trial. Sleep. 2011;34:1631-1640. PubMed Central link

13. Youngstedt SD, Kline CE, Zielinski MR, Kripke DF, Devlin TM, Bogan RK, Wilcox S, Hardin JW. Tolerance of chronic moderate sleep

      restriction in older long sleepers. Sleep. 2009;32:1467-1479. PubMed Central link

14. Zielinski MR, Kline CE, Kripke DF, Bogan RK, Youngstedt SD. No effect of chronic moderate sleep restriction on glucose tolerance

      in older long sleepers. J Sleep Res. 2008;17:412-419. PubMed Central link

15. Kline CE, Durstine JL, Davis JM, Moore TA, Devlin TM, Zielinski MR, Youngstedt SD. Circadian variation in swim performance. J Appl

      Physiol. 2007;102:641-649. PubMed link

16. Youngstedt SD, Kline CE. Epidemiology of exercise and sleep. Sleep Biol Rhythms. 2006;4:217-221. PubMed Central link

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