Press Coverage

March 2016 - The troubling truth about sleep

September 2015 - Out of sync (Scientific American Mind)

August 2015 - The importance of sleep and how it affects our overall health (New Pittsburgh Courier)

July 2015 - The science of sleeping in, and why you probably shouldn't (PBS Newshour)

December 2014 - Pillow Talk (Edible Allegheny)

November 2014 - How Re-Imagining Dreams Can Help Those With PTSD (90.5 WESA)

November 2014 - Poor sleep tied to inflammation in teens (Reuters Health)

November 2014 - Sleepless in America (National Geographic Channel)

August 2014 - Experts urge later start times for students in higher grades (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

July 2014 - Skimping on Sleep Can Stress Body and Brain (NPR News)

March 2014 - A prescription for better sleep (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

January 2014 - Effective Treatments Touted for Insomnia That Affects Half of All Returning Troops  (US Medicine).

January 2014 - A new sleep apnea device a sign of relief (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

October 2013 - Most U.S military in combat suffer from insomnia (United Press International, Inc.)

June 2013 - Cheating Ourselves of Sleep (New York Times – Well)

March 2013 - Working out before bedtime may mean better sleep (CBS News)

July 2012 - PITTMED: Bedtime Stories: The astounding importance of a good night's rest

July 2012 - Nightmare Scenario (TIME magazine)

June 2012 - Wall Street Journal: Who Sleeps Better at Night

April 2012 - For Veterans with PTSD, Building Relationships is No Easy Task (Essential Public Radio)

August 2011 - Wall Street Journal: A Sleep Battle of the Sexes

June 2011 - Sleeptime Head-Cooling Cap Eases Insomnia, Study Finds (US News and World Report)

May 2011 - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Could it Happen to You? UPMC Today Magazine

April 2011 - The Sleepless Elite (Wall Street Journal)

February 2011 - Seeking better sleep: Lack of sleep could lead to bigger problems for U.S. troops, researchers warn (Stars and Stripes Magazine)

Other news and honors

August 2015 - Melynda Casement, PhD, awarded NARSAD Young Investigator Grant

June 2015 - Postdoctoral scholar,  Heather Gunn, PhD, won award for best poster in Postdoc category at WPIC Research Day

June 2015 - Daniel Buysse, MD honored with 2015 Mary Carskadon Outstanding Educator Award by Sleep Research Society

June 2015 - Anne Germain, Ph.D., received Emerging Mentor Award, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

June 2015 - Two Pitt postdocs (Jessica Levenson, PhD and Adam Bramowitz, PhD) and one junior faculty (Brant Hasler, PhD) selected as travel awardees to the NIH/SRS Implementation Science Workshop

April 1, 2014 - Daniel Buysse, MD n amed UPMC Endowed Chair in Sleep Medicine