Jessica Levenson, PhD

Research Instructor

Department of Psychiatry

3811 O'Hara Street, Room E-1132

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

E: levensonjc@upmc.edu

T: 412-246-6413

F: 412-246-5300


·     BA, Psychology with Honors, Brandeis University (Waltham, MA), 2004

·     MS, Clinical Psychology, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), 2008

·     Clinical Psychology Internship, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine (Madison, WI), 2013

·     PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), 2013

·     Postdoctoral Fellowship, Sleep Medicine T32, University of Pittsburgh, 2013-2016

Research Interests:

Dr. Levenson's research interests focus on designing and evaluating interventions for adolescents that enhance sleep health specifically to promote mental and physical health broadly. She uses qualitative and quantitative approaches to developing stakeholder-informed interventions that are likely to be effective, adopted, and implemented.  Dr. Levenson is also a licensed clinical psychologist who works with adolescents and adults. Her clinical interests focus primarily on the treatment of mood disorders and sleep disorders.

Selected Publications:

Levenson, J.C., Kay, D.B., Buysse, D.J. (2015). The pathophysiology of insomnia. CHEST. 147, 4, 1179-1192. PMID: 25846534 PMCID: PMC4388122

Levenson, J.C., Axelson, D.A., Merranko, J., Angulo, M., Goldstein, T.R., Mullin, B.C., Goldstein, B.I., Brent, D.A., Diler, R., Hickey, M.B., Monk, K., Sakolsky, D., Kupfer, D.J., Birmaher, B. (2015). Differences in sleep disturbances among offspring of parents with bipolar disorder: Association with conversion to bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorders, doi: 10.1111/bdi.12345. PMID: 26547512 PMCID: PMC4734929

Levenson, J.C., Wallace, M.L., Anderson, B.P., Kupfer, D.J., Frank, E. (2015). Social Rhythm Disrupting Events Increase the Risk of Recurrence among Individuals with Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar Disorders, 17(8), 869-879. PMID: 26614534 PMCID: PMC4702482

Levenson, J.C., Shensa, A., Sidani, J.E., Colditz, J.B., Primack, B.A. (2016). The association between social media use and sleep disturbance among young adults. Preventive Medicine, 85, 36-41. [epub ahead of print.] PMID: 26791323 PMCID: PMC7857587

Levenson, J.C., Miller, E., Hafer, B., Reidell, M.F., Buysse, D.J., Franzen, P.L. (In press). Pilot study of a sleep health promotion program among college students. Sleep Health. PMID: 27525300, PMCID: PMC4978431

Parthasarathy, S., Buysse, D.J., Carskadon, M., Jean-Louis, G., Owens, J., Bramoweth, A., Combs, D., Hart, C., Hasler, B., Honaker, S.M., Hickam, D., Hertenstein, E., Kuna, S., Kushida, C., Levenson, J.C.,…Stoney, K. (Accepted). Implementation of sleep and circadian science: recommendations from the Sleep Research Society and National Institutes of Health workshop. SLEEP.

Levenson, J.C., Rollman, B.L., Ritterband, L., Strollo, P.J., Smith, K.J., Yabes, J.G., Moore, C.G., Harvey, A.G., Buysse, D.J. (Under Review). Pragmatic trial protocol for two cognitive behavioral interventions versus enhanced usual care for insomnia with hypertension.